Abu Dhabi Municipality Features Al Jurf Project in Their Website and Facebook Page

Abu Dhabi Municipality awarded “Development of five Parks and Play Grounds in Abu Dhabi Main Land Project at Al Shamkha and Al Adleh Areas – Contract C499″ Project to Al Jurf Development Projects on 2013 and the project commenced on Oct 2013. ADM published an update in their website and Facebook page featuring the successful progress in the project. Here is the article:

As part of the objectives of the Municipal System aimed at nurturing a sustainable urban environment that secures decent living, healthy atmosphere and multiple recreational options for residents, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality is continuing the construction of five public parks at Al Shamkha and Al Adleh, spanning a total area of up to 59 thousand square meters at a cost exceeding 34 million dirham. The step supports the integrated infrastructure of Abu Dhabi Emirate and contributes to boosting the sweeping and sustainable development witnessed by the Emirate.

The construction of these parks, which is expected to be completed as early as the start of April 2015, is a manifestation of the ongoing project construction drive initiated by the Municipality in delivering its projects aimed boosting the ingredients of the infrastructure, and providing parks and recreational facilities that rise up to the aspirations of the community.

Musabah Mubarak Al Murar, Acting General Manager of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said: “The landscape of greens, recreational facilities and parks is continuously on the rise to keep pace with the massive development scale and enormous growth seen by Abu Dhabi. In this context, the Municipality has developed several plans aligned with the vision & priorities of the Municipal System for constructing parks and children playgrounds at the highest standards of safety and characterized by healthy environment and modern services.

“The Municipality has almost accomplished the construction of a park at Al Adleh this month (March 2015) in concurrence with the UAE celebrations of the 35th Plantation Week. This park covers an area of 7,600 square meters, costing about 5 million dirham. It encompasses several facilities and recreational places such as a multi-purpose playground, 5-player football pitch, and playground for kids up to 6 years, hiking area, barbecue area and a walking track for practicing this popular sport.

“The Municipality is poised to open four public parks at Al Shamkha starting from April 2015. The first park spans an area of 12,330 square meters and costs about 7 million dirham, while the second park stretches over an area of 14,000 square meters with a cost of 7 million dirham. The third park, which is expected to open at end of March, has an area of 14372 square meters, costing 9 million dirham, while the fourth park covers an area of 11,000 square meters with a cost of 5.5 million dirham. The four parks are fitted with numerous services and recreational facilities including a multi-purpose playground, football pitch, and two playing areas for children aged 1-6 and 6-12. The parks are also provided with a picnic area and a barbecue yard so that families can spend wonderful time in an upscale recreational environment, in addition to a walkway for park goers,” added Al Murar. to continue reading this article about successful progress by Al Jurf Development Projects in this project click here.

Also you can check ADM Facebook page article and photos for this project here.

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